Blood Moon’s Pozible Success

Pozible is making the future a brighter place for yet another local producer.

Lunching their campaign on August 13, Blood Moon, a locally produced tonic water alternative, raised just over $6,500 on their first day, and has gone on to nearly double this amount in the last week, with the campaign now having reached just over $12,000.

Blood Moon tonic syrup is a non-alcoholic concentrated syrup, designed to be diluted with soda water (or still water if you prefer). The tonics use whole cinchona bark in their formulas, filtering just enough to remove the sediment and ensure a smooth drink, while keeping the complex yet subtle range of flavours.

The result, once mixed with soda, is a translucent rosy-cheeked amber elixir, with an interplay of flavours captured from the cinchona, as well as its botanical bed mates – carefully balanced spices, citrus, and a gentle floral touch.

Beyond the classic G&T, the tonics also work surprisingly well with tequila, whiskey, rum and vodka, and are an intriguing addition to cocktails. For those who don’t drink alcohol, but still want something that feels a little bit special, these tonics are the ultimate adult virgins.

“I’m completely overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response,” said Blood Moon founder, Karolina Partyka “I suspected Australia was ready for a truly delicious, handmade alternative to standard tonic water, but to reach our goal in less than three days is humbling.”

The team has now updated their campaign, with a a new stretch goal of $20,000 which will go towards funding a partial lease of a commercial kitchen, more/better equipment, website development, travel costs to attend important industry shows such as Top Shelf as well as the development of two new flavours.

Supports of the campaign can pledge between up to $600 which entitles you to a private tonic masterclass for you and five friends, or as little as $10 for a PDF ebook of tonic cocktail recipes or $20 for an invite to the Blood Moon launch party in Melbourne.

See more about Blood Moon’s pozible campaign here





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