Golden Ticket to Latte Trend

Golden Lattes have every man and his dog spouting ‘health benefits’! With key ingredient turmeric, amongst other spices and a bevy of milk—or mylk—options, many caffeine addicts are trying the more natural alternative to a winter warmer. Not to mention, it’s vegan—assuming you go the mylk route! Here’s a few cafes in Melbourne you can try the frothy liquid gold, and decide for yourself whether the grass is gold(er?) on the other side.

Serotonin Eatery

If you want to get your anti-inflamation and anti-oxidising happening, head to Serotonin in Richmond. Not only do they have the creamy ochre latte of the moment, they’ll even sift a cinnamon smiley on top. Take that latte-art. Serotonin’s menu takes nutrition seriously, with a list of meals devised around super foods, hearty veg and holistic alternatives. Try some positive banana pancakes to round out the golden delicious vibe—wait, isn’t that an apple? 


Combi has been a bit of an Elwood institution for many a year now, although a lot confuse it’s recent revamp and move further down Ormond Road as an official ‘opening’. We’ll forgive them, they did miss out on Combi’s awesome healthy juices and raw treats for all that time after all. So what can you find at Combi aside from the best raw cheesecake? You betcha, golden lattes aplenty.

Matcha Mylkbar

Brought to you by Melbourne’s own green goddess; Matcha Maiden, this healthy cafe in St Kilda focusses on the green tea powder that’s taking Melbourne by cloudy storm. With concoctions like a vegan egg and dragonfruit bowls to consume, there’s plenty of post-gym feel good meals here. If turmeric or Matcha lattes weren’t wacky enough for you, Matcha Mylkbar also offer mushroom or beetroot lattes. Taste the health.


Windsor’s most Instagram-worthy addition thrives on seasonal produce and green in all it’s forms—just check out it’s fern-filled interior. Pair your decadent quince, French toast sandwich with a frothy. Both amber yes, but not to be confused with beer—at least not at breakfast time, but no judging.

Golden Grind – DIY

The turmeric liquid gold is not only stocked at many cafes around Melbourne, but you can also purchase your own pack to create lovely luminescent lattes at home. Golden Grind sell a 105g pack via their website, and even include instructions on how to make the gold times roll. Enjoy!


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