Lawyers, Guns & Money to search for new space

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Chef Victor Liong’s Asian-inspired brunch joint Lawyers, Guns & Money is set to close, just four months after opening its doors to Melbourne’s congee-loving public.

Finishing up service at the end of last week, it appears that the kitchen space is too small for the establishment’s requirements.

LGM won’t be gone forever, though; Liong and his team are looking for a more suitable space for staff to do what they need to do. The LGM team intent to continue operating the establishment out of a location in Melbourne’s CBD.

Owned by chef Victor Liong in partnership with Peter Bartholomew and David Mackintosh, who also partner with Liong in his Lee Ho Fook establishment, Lawyers, Guns & Money was opened with a view to challenge Melbourne’s perception of what breakfast should be.

The idea was to replace smashed avocado and granola with more traditionally Asian breakfast fare with a focus on a congee menu; which delicious options included congee with blue swimmer crab, or with cured ocean trout. For those not that keen on savoury rice porridge (although not sure why you wouldn’t be, it’s delicious) there were options such as sriracha scrambled eggs, and Hong Kong-style French toast.

While they search for a bigger, better venue, Liong will be looking to integrate congee into the existing menu at Lee Ho Fook. There are also plans for renovations downstairs at the Lee Ho Fook space to install a new bar, so the team have plenty on their plate for the rest of 2016!


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