Burger Business

Burger Business opened its doors in early 2016, quickly becoming a crowd favourite to the local residents of Footscray and in particular, Victoria University students.

The family-run business have taken on customer feedback since their launch and used it to finess their offering, taking what was a good burger to the next level.

The Double Bacon Feast is their most popular menu item: two grass-fed beef patties, two slices of American cheese, smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, aioli and ketchup for $15.90 or $11.90 as a single patty version.

It’s really not hard to see why this is a crowd favourite. The grass-fed beef patties are soft and juicy and the high melt cheese couldn’t have been more perfect. Complement this with the extra smoked bacon and super soft buns, and you have an instant recipe for success.

Without modifications, the average price for a burger at Business Burgers is $11, which is an absolute steal for the quality. Extra patties with cheese are $4, which is also a fairly good price for 170 gram patties.

On my second visit, I felt like keeping things simple, ordering a double cheese burger, a side of mini Cajun chicken bites and a chocolate milkshake.
Feeling cheeky, I added the Cajun chicken bites to the burger, and these little chicken bites gave the burger the extra kick it needed to really enhance the whole experience.

Alone, these Cajun chicken bites are not for those who cannot handle the heat. They deliver a real punch, which had the eyes watering, although mixed with the beef and cheese – it was a combination that I would definitely recommend.

The milkshakes can only be described in one word – awesome! So much flavour and so much thickness, the way milkshakes are meant to be made.

Burger Business has now lifted the burger game in Footscray to a new level. A place that should be on everyone’s ever-growing Melbourne burger list,. If you are a local and haven’t heard of Burger Business until now, you can thank me later.

230 Nicholson St, Footscray
(03) 9396 0368

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