Gypsey and Musquito

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I was quite excited to see some native produce on the menu when Brad and I visited Gypsey and Musquito (after giving up on the hour long wait for Touchwood), even if we could only get a tiny table squeezed in by the window because the place was so busy.

I loved how cosy and homely the space was, there were even dog biscuits to buy home for the beloved canines, amongst all the sweet treats for the more humanoid sort.
Brad’s coffee was graced with a swan, and I swapped out my usual chai for something a little greener. Whilst I do love my chai, I’ve been enjoying switching up my drinks a bit more lately!

I got a green concoction of warrigul greens, kale, banana and desert lime which is also made with coconut water. I totally sucked all this up so quickly! So cool and so refreshing, I absolutely loved the coconut water in this, just the thing to pick you up at the start of your day!

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