Sunny Boy Celebrates With Free Coffee

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Gurners Lane coffee house, Sunny Boy is celebrating their first birthday on Friday, August 29 and in conjunction with Red Star Coffee and St David Dairy, the team are shouting free coffees to everyone who stops in to wish them happy birthday, between 7am-9am.

Tucked away in it’s own cosy little nook, Sunny Boy has built a loyal following of regulars since opening twelve months ago, bringing life and colour to the once dilapidated Gurners Lane. Building a solid partnership with Red Star Coffee, St David Dairy and Brasserie Bread the team have worked hard to establish a place for themselves into the always evolving, CBD coffee scene.

So head down to Gurners Lane between 7am and 9am on Friday August 29 to wish the team well and a very happy birthday. They’ll also be collecting gold coin donations for Cafe Smart / Street Smart Australia.

Sunny Boy Cafe

Gurners Lane
Melbourne VIC 3000

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