Magic on Ferrars

A new cafe darling of South Melbourne, Magic on Ferrars is all about exceptional service, coffee and food.After starting the café nine months ago, Ashley Kniveton and his wife, Verlyn have devoted all their energy into developing Magic. Bringing dedication and a wealth of professional experience from working in other cafes around Melbourne, the pair have created a delightful, welcoming café with unpretentious dishes and friendly staff.The menu is reasonably priced, fresh and is underpinned by the ethos that cafes should use seasonal produce sourced from Victoria. The food served by the kitchen ranges from well-loved breakfast favourites to hearty lunch items.

The coffee beans are sourced from award-winning St Ali coffee roasters – a fact not lost on customers who relish in the quality caffeine hit.

CUISINE: Breakfast, Coffee, Organic, Brunch
COFFEE: St Ali Coffee Roasters
ADDRESS: 268 Ferrars Street, South Melbourne
PH: 0414 991 556
HOURS: 5pm – 10pm. Tuesday – Sunday
FACEBOOK: MagicSpecialityCoffee

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