Haigh’s Chocolates – Australia’s Oldest Family-Owned Chocolate Maker

Haigh’s Chocolates is Australia’s oldest family owned chocolate maker. Established in Adelaide in 1915 by Alfred E Haigh the company is now in its fourth generation of family ownership.

Haigh’s pride themselves on being chocolate specialists – committed to the art of making the best tasting, premium quality chocolate from the raw cocoa bean at their South Australian manufacturing facility.  Haigh’s is the only Australian owned chocolate maker to also hold international UTZ certification for ethical and sustainable practices.  80% of the cocoa used in their chocolate making is sourced from UTZ certified farms from cocoa growing regions around the world.

Their team of highly skilled chocolatiers craft premium milk and dark chocolate using artisan production methods and quality ingredients into a range of over 250 delicious products of different shapes, sizes and flavours.  Many of the chocolates are handmade and finished.

Discover how to use Haigh’s chocolate in your cooking with Haigh’s Recipe Collection

Cooking with premium quality chocolate can make all the difference to the end result making them even more delicious.

Discover how to use Haigh’s chocolate in your cooking with Haigh’s Recipe Collection; delicious easy-to-make chocolate recipes using premium quality chocolate.

Haigh’s cooking chocolate is known as Dark Chocolate Couverture. Couverture is a French word for ‘covering’ or ‘coating’ and as the name suggests it relates to a chocolate suitable for enrobing or coating centres. The thickness of the chocolate blend is specially formulated to melt well, flow and coat evenly, yet still hold a mark or other decoration; ideal for cooking, chocolate making and cake decorating.

And you don’t have to just use Haigh’s Dark Chocolate Couverture in your cooking; Haigh’s Milk and Dark Pastilles or their range of Block Chocolates are also great to make scrumptious desserts and treats.

The Recipe Collection includes delectable desserts such as Double Chocolate Ice Cream,  Salted Caramel & Macadamia Tart, Chocolate Fondant and Dark Chocolate Mud Cake to name a few.

New release recipe cards now available

Haigh’s latest release recipe cards – Honeycomb Mousse and Chocolate Mousse Cake are now available instore and online.

You will find the two new recipe cards now instore and the complete Haigh’s Recipe Collection online at http://www.haighschocolates.com.au/recipes/

Purchase Haigh’s chocolate at any one of their 15 retail stores located across Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney or online at www.haighschocolates.com.au

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