Jack B Nimble

Jack B. Nimble is a relatively new cafe located in the West. A contemporary interior space is complimented by an outdoor dining area perfectly aligned with the sun in the afternoons. Luckily for us, when we visited the sun was shining (albeit with a hefty gust of wind!).

Located in a relatively unassuming area of the West, Jack B. Nimble is a cafe that serves food sometimes inspired by the chef’s Malay heritage.

The perfect example of this is The Roti Jack, a slow-roasted lamb shoulder sitting in a grilled milk bun. Although we wanted to grab it with our hands to devour it, we obliged and used forks and knives as the bun is sauced with a spicy chilli mayo, spring onion, goji berries and crunchy lemon pangrattato. This dish is fairly rich so we had it with the Roasted Cauliflower – we really liked the addition of pomegranate which added a nice juicy crunch upon each bite to provide a different texture to the dish.

We also had what the chef termed a “delicious take on spam”, the Spiced Cotechino. Cotechino is an Italian cured meat, and sure enough, was a fancy spam dish served with braised beans, pickled persimmon (our favourite!), greek yoghurt, pistachio dukkah and poached eggs. Spam-tastic!

We felt slightly guilty at this stage but could not turn down a sweet treat to finish off our sitting, the French Toast. Don’t be fooled by the simplistic name – as you can see from the photos, it is quite an involved dish, served with poached pear, kiwi fruit, mascarpone and malt crumb. This was absolutely amazing! The pear and kiwi provide some refreshing flavours to this very sweet (but we wouldn’t have it any other way) serving.

The West continues to deliver dining gems, and Jack B. Nimble is not exception. Jack B. Nimble is located at 132 Mitchell Street, Maidstone flanked by an unassuming fish and chip shop and laundromat. Not your typical location and something different!


132 Mitchell St, Maribyrnong

PH: 03 9317 9792


FACEBOOK: jackbnimblecafe

INSTAGRAM: jackbnimblecafe

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