Queen of Chocolate Kirsten Tibballs launches her first app “Mix n’ Make”

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Australia’s Masterchef-dubbed “Queen of Chocolate” Kirsten Tibballs and her team at Savour Chocolate and Patisserie School are marking a new era for the pattisserie world, launching the “Mix n’ Make”app for burgeoning pastry chefs across the nation.

Designed for app users to hone their patisserie skills, the app provides tips, tricks and easy recipes that users can create, share and print.

There’s over a thousand recipe variations available on the app for tarts, macarons and eclairs, all with interchangeable flavours. All recipes have been developed and tested by Tibballs herself.

Users can customise their recipes, flavour combinations and even create their own recipe books to keep in their kitchen at home.

Headed up by Tibballs, Savour expanded into the virtual cooking school realm in 2014; but this is Tibballs’ first foray into the world of cooking apps. “The industry is continually evolving and so is Savour, whether it’s new recipes, concepts and ideas,” says Tibballs.

“I wanted to evolve digitally and offer people the opportunity to get creative with interchangeable flavours and patisserie products from the ease of their device, all while having fun!”

You can download the app here.

Mix n’ Make with Kirsten Tibballs from Savour Online Classes on Vimeo.

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