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Recipe: Pesto chicken with a smashed pine nut and rocket salad

It’s Saturday and you really can’t be bothered with going manic in the kitchen with all of the cooking, but you still want all of the health and nutrition? Thanks to our friends at Kikkoman, here’s a simple, light and nutritious dish that won’t raise a sweat and still be a crowd pleaser, even if that crowd is just you and you want leftovers. Enjoy.


Serves 4

Prep 10 mins

Cook 15 mins


3 x table spoons Kikkoman soy sauce

8 x chicken thigh fillets (1.2kg)

1 x cherry tomato pack (200g)

Baby rocket leaves (120g)

1 x bunch continental parsley (60g)

1 x bunch fresh basil (100g)

2 x tablespoons olive oil

1 x teaspoon minced garlic

1/2 cup shaved parmesan

1/2 teaspoon chilli flakes

1/4 cup pinenuts

1 x fresh lemon


1. Mix 1/2 bunch of parsley and basil in food processor until a paste is formed. Empty into separate dish

2. Combine Kikkoman soy sauce, basil and parsley paste, garlic and chilli flakes into a dish and mix

3. Brush chicken thigh fillets with olive oil and lightly grill or sear. Add a splash of Kikkoman soy sauce while cooking

4. Preheat oven to 200°C add chicken thigh fillets to baking dish and thoroughly coat with soy sauce and pesto mixture. Cook for 12-15 minutes until pesto has crusted

5. Lightly cook pine nuts in pan with 1/2 tablespoon of olive oil until lightly brown. Remove and let sit on absorbent paper towel. Remove and chop or smash finely and keep on separate plate

6. Chop parsley, keep aside

7. Squeeze lemon juice into bowl and mix with one table spoon olive oil

8. Toss rocket and lemon olive oil dressing together and serve on plate adding cherry tomatoes, parsley, shredded parmesan

9. Remove chicken thigh fillets from oven, let sit for two minutes

10. Place chicken thigh fillets on rocket. Sprinkle generously with smashed pine nuts and parsley and serve

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