Saigon Sally goes vego for their third Garden Party

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Windsor Asian-style outfit Saigon Sally are going vegetarian for the third time in their Autumn Edition of the Saigon Sally Garden Party on May 1 – and it’s not too late to book your table for the delicious plant-based feast.

Dishes will be based on rare, plant-based produce and will include tom yum buttered radish, apple and lemongrass burrata, Salted cucumber with grilled zucchini and fermented tofu, field mushroom with pumpkin seed sambal, snow peas and shoots, yellow turmeric curry with daikon, carrot and fennel and chocolate tofu mousse. YUM.

“We noticed we had quite a few vegetarians coming in every week and decided to show some love,” Saigon Sally Head Chef Adrian Li says.

“Instead of eating the same few dishes every time they came, we created the Garden Party dinners to give them something different, which showcases the season’s vegetables.”

Book now for one of two sittings for Monday, May 1st at 6pm or 8pm. Tickets are $65 and include six courses and a cocktail on arrival.

Book via the SS website:

Saigon Sally
2 Duke Street
Windsor 3181
Ph: 03 9533 2342





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