Sample Brew Launches ¾ IPA

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Australia’s most aesthetically pleasing brew outfit, Sample, has just launched its fourth beer since its inception: the ¾ IPA.

Crisper and cleaner than the standard IPA (as the fraction in the title would suggest), this beer is good news for those who love the taste of IPA but not so much the weightiness of it.

This is Sample’s fourth beer in a collection of delicious products that came into existence in 2014, and Sample Brew founder Vedad Huric says it is the company’s boldest move to date.

“The real gap in our existing lineup – Pale Ale, Gold Ale and Lager – was for a solid IPA, but we also wanted something a little different that furthers our purpose of inspiring ideas,” Huric said.

“We’ve reduced the malt profile, yet kept it complex and light on the palate by adding pilsner and wheat malts.

“The new addition is hop -forward like a traditional IPA, except the hops are shifted towards the end of the brew. This reduces the bitterness and intensifies the bright citrus and pinewood aromas.”

This is Sample’s first offering out of a can; and as with all their beers, the design of the ¾ IPA tinny is pared back and quite beautiful – much like the beverage it contains.

The ¾ IPA is 4.2% ABV, making it a delicious session beer for all those who love the IPA profile but are looking to try something a little more refreshing and drinkable. YUM.

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