Black Ruby

I had no idea that this cafe also makes THE gluten free bread I go out of my way to buy from the Preston Markets. This place is cute. It’s like those fancy homestead places out in the country side with its hardwood floors and Grandma light fixtures but looks kinda Frenchy on the outside. Climbing those steep stairs up to the ladies room sure worked those butt muscles and make sure you grab the banister on the way down or you’ll end up arse over tit like I nearly did. I should pay more attention instead of looking at the paintings on the red wall.

My first visit, I had a Summer Fruit salad with hash browns and bacon on the side. I’m mega impressed on how fricken FRESH it was because there were slices of bananas in there that didn’t even have time to brown! This wasn’t sugar free because it was dusted in icing sugar but I’m sure they’d omit that if requested. I’m so used to premade fruit salad where the fruit goes to mush and has that preserved taste. Even though I was full, I became increasingly jealous of what Olleh was eating.

On my second visit, I got what he had but shared it because it was waaaaay-hey too much for me to realistically handle. It satisfyingly fed 1 hungry man, 1 hungry 6 year old boy and 1 VERY hungry lady.

The Big breakfast* is a sight to behold! It was served on those ridiculously over sized dish plates that barely contained the short and thick sausages, tasty bacon, smoked salmon slices, grilled tomatoes, whole mushrooms sautéed, salsa chutney, caramelised onion, 2 poached eggs, cooked spinach, crunchy homemade hash browns that were the size of hockey pucks (we order an extra 2) and a perfectly cooked pork chop! A big kudos to the chef who made our breakfast and I will let the slightly burnt toast slide. I notice that particular gluten free bread tends to burn quickly when I toast it at home too.


344 Rathdowne St
Carlton North, VIC 3054

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