The 2014 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards

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ENTRIES EXTENDED UNTIL 6 JUNE: The search for Australia’s finest foods continues

It was announced Thursday that online entries for the 2014 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards (RMFFA), Australia’s premium fine food awards, will be extended to 6 June 2014.

The RMFFA, conducted by the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria (RASV), promotes excellence in agriculture and food production. The RMFFA provides opportunities for boutique producers, regional specialists and commercial manufacturers to benchmark their products across nine food categories.

The biannual awards (comprising Spring and Autumn Programs) present a valuable opportunity for all producers, large and small, to assess their products and establish their credentials in the Australian fine food industry.

Spring entrants will have until June 6, 2014 to enter the awards across nine categories:

  • Branded Beef
  • Branded Lamb
  • Dairy, Sheep, Goat & Buffalo
  • Ice Cream Gelato & Sorbet
  • Delicatessen featuring Dips, Tapenade, Smallgoods & Uncooked Sausages
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Flavoured Oils
  • Bread & Baked Goods
  • Free Range Eggs
  • Sweet & Savoury Preserves, featuring jams, vinegars and dressings

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