Stock Photo Sonya ponders Christmas with the fam. All of the fam.

The six drinks of Christmas

Ah Christmas, that special time of year when everyone seems to feverishly froth to catch up with you before Old Mate’s birthday on December 25. And why the earnest need to meet up before JC’s big day? It’s not like Santa’s going to throw you into his sack and dash through the snow back to his North Pole hideout. 

But, we digress. Christmas. What’s better than decking the halls? Chrimbo drinks and food, that’s what. Plus, chances are you’re off work for at least two days (hopefully. Soz if you’re not. Love you) so this is the best time of year to get experimental and try all the new things.

It could be a type of cuisine or a specific type of food you’ve never tried. There are more and more ways to get your hands on new foods and flavours, particularly if you don’t have the time. In fact, you can even have pre-portioned ingredients delivered to you for use in healthy recipes that are easy to make, which can be really convenient. Especially if you’ve had a gutful of people this 2018 and you just can’t people any more.

But you’ll probably have to people. And while food makes it easier, drinks makes it even easier still. So, let’s check out some fabs tropical cocktail and close your eyes, sip large, and imagine you’re in Acapulco. Sure. Packed with white rum, coconut rum, coconut milk, fresh mint and lime juice to accentuate the tropical vibes, the White Christmas mojito is the perfect addition to those end-of-year adult parties. Serve it with parsley leaves for maximum enjoyment (and chew the parsley to get rid of the booze off your breath. You’re welcome). 

While we’re at it, don’t forget that you don’t *have* to drink alcohol. There’s plenty of banging mocktails out there so you can blend right in and wake up hangover free.

St Nick’s Nightcap

This is the perfect beverage to enjoy at the end of a busy day of shopping, celebrating and eating. It’s essentially a chai latte, spiced up with a liquor of your choosing. This could be anything from Irish whiskey to spiced rum or even some great-tasting gin. It’s the perfect addition to sitting down with the family on Christmas Eve to watch an old, traditional Christmas movie. Feel free to spice it up with some honey or fresh cinnamon if you have a bit of a sweet tooth. 

Some final tips

It’s important to enjoy yourself over the Christmas break, isn’t it, Jake? Tuck into some junk this festive season and don’t kick yourself about it. Have the lollies. Eat the pudding. Gobble more of that turkey. But do it in moderation (like, two drinks a day maximum according to Big Brother, especially with the booze . Because no-one wants to be THAT guy/girl/drunk uncle/drunk aunt. So keep it tidy and Merry Christmas.

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