The Pour Kids

Hey, you there. Listen to this.
Burnt. Butter. Gnocchi.
Are you now excited? If you’re not, we might not be able to be friends. Unless you make me brownies I guess.
I stumbled upon this wonderful combination of words, which materialised into a dish at The Pour Kids on a cheery Sunday morning. Brad and I had attended his Cricket Presentation evening the night before (where I understood nothing of all these numbers and overs they talk about) and stayed at his place in Glen Waverly, so Malvern was sort of on the way between his place and mine.
I was pleasantly surprised how much room the cafe had, and we had no issue nabbing a table at around 11:30am. As we seated ourselves at the communal table, I found myself immediately smitten with the juxtaposition of bright colours and graphic black and white wallpaper prints. It was all so cheery and bright!
There was a nice buzz to the space, with a constant hum of activity, but never getting in the way of a good conversation.

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