A Little Bird Told Me

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A Little Bird Told Me is a fresh new cafe tucked away in a laneway which will first capture your attention with their soft tunes drifting out to the street, and then you will notice the entire glass frontage with its bright blue feature kitchen islands. The floor to ceiling window treatments and high ceilings create an ample space which has a lofty, airy feeling – resulting in quite a harmonious ambiance. Partners, Caleb Heaney and Rebecca Notley have teamed up to utilise their individual talents to bring about this sweet cafe; Caleb is a veteran in the coffee industry while Rebecca brought about the design concept.

My visit was actually to purchase some lovely Bahen & Co chocolate they stock but I made sure to come back again to meet a friend, who was in town for one day only (she’s a jetsetter, you see). I was extremely keen for coffee and wanted to indulge in Matt Forbe’s cakes and Lune Croissanterie’s pastries.

They use Seven Seeds here, seeing as Caleb worked extensively with them, and my magic was appropriately strong and really enjoyable.

Jetsetter loved her flat white, missing Melbourne’s coffee, and found that she didn’t need any sugar with it.

At the front counter, they have a scrumptious array of baked good which I couldn’t go past. Lune Croissanterie deliver a variety of pastries – from ham and cheese croissants to rhubarb Danishes and chocolate-almond croissants. Dusted with a blanket of icing sugar and toasted almonds, the chocolate-almond croissant was all sorts of wonderful layers of buttery flakiness with a line of chocolate filling. It went so well with my magic so I was very satisfied.

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Petit Miamx

Catherine has a penchant for all things fun and delicious with a large part of her day spent thinking about food – if she’s not eating, then she’s thinking about the next opportunity for a big foodie blowout. Her love of food also translates through to her travels around the world, sharing her experiences in her ‘petite travel guide’ series.

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