The “Trump Tower” burger hits the Grosvenor Hotel

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While Trump creates an alternate reality in the States, Bayside pub the Grosvenor Hotel’s new Trump Tower burger is as real as it gets when it comes to the President’s likeness.

Accompanying a recent menu change, the Grosvenor Head Chef Paul Tyas decided to create an edible version of the man himself, inspired by his golden tresses and orange hue.

The burger contains a Mexican salsa to pay tribute to the controversial USA/Mexico border wall; and a thick double pattie represents the overwhelming presence of Trump Tower.

For the final flourish, Paul has used Cheetos crumbs to create a ‘Trump Orange’ dust.

“It’s just not Trump without a layer of bright orange,” Paul says.

The Trump Tower is now available on the Hotel’s menu indefinitely, with Paul predicting the burger will “Outlive [Trump’s] presidency.”


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