Gram Feature: Hanged Caciocavallo with Red Cabbage Salad

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Caciocavallo is a Southern Italian stretched-curd cheese made out of sheep’s or cow’s milk, similar in taste to Provolone cheese. That’s Amore share with us a beautiful and simple dish that could be served for a light lunch or dinner, or any time of day, really – because who’s going to say no to melty, gooey, delicious cheese on bread?

Serves: 4 

1 red cabbage
1 That’s Amore Caciocavallo
4 slices of any bread you like (we used a sourdough loaf from our local bakery)
1 bunch parsley
Extra virgin olive oil
White wine vinegar

1. Cut the red cabbage very finely in order to get very thin slices (spaghetti-style).
2. Add chopped parsley, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and vinegar to taste.
3. Hang Caciocavallo over a barbecue flame and let it melt. Alternatively, slice it thickly and fry the slices in a pan until melted.
4. Carefully place the melted Caciocavallo onto the bread and serve with the red cabbage salad.

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