Theic Tea Bar

Theic is a much kinder word than alcoholic, although they essentially mean the same thing. The only difference is the former refers to an addiction to tea, the latter an addiction to booze. Given this information, it’s fair to say I should be a member of TA (Theics Anonymous). The word ‘Theic’ was introduced into my vocabulary following the opening of Theic Tea Bar, hidden away in INSITU Furniture in the back streets of Collingwood.

Nathan Wakeford is the tisane-obsessed man behind the specialty café. You may remember him from such brands as Somage Fine Foods, specifically the Chamellia tea range. Nathan is the real deal. He doesn’t do things by halves, as evident from his strict vegan diet and weekly two hour drives up to Donna Buang where he collects the purest spring water for his perfectionist brews.

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