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 In collaboration with Pistonhead Lager Australia and Beau Joie Australia

Things were a bit quiet at the South Yarra end of Chapel St with a lot of the new bars and restaurants opening down in Windsor. That is until Two Wrongs Melbourne opened and made it right again. Taking over the space under The Olsen Hotel, Zachary Riggs and Isaac Constantine have provided us with a venue that is full of contradictions. It’s a bar where the beer and cider come in cans, but also a restaurant where you can eat amazing food and drink fine champagne from cut crystal glasses. There are rotating DJs to keep you entertained while you have a game of pool, or grab the couch in front of the TV and play Mario Kart on the Nintendo 64 and practice for the weekly Wednesday night Mario Kart comp.

Going back to the food on offer, the boys have partnered with talented chef Paul Turner (ex. Qualia, Church St Enoteca, Cutler & Co.) to provide patrons with a fine dining experience without fuss and pretension. It’s about having quality produce, prepared in an inventive way but in an environment where you feel comfortable and relaxed. A second bar upstairs with private booths gives you a place to start or finish the night with one of the great cocktails, and while there is a little grunge everywhere you look, the whole space has a sense of luxury and once you arrive it’s very hard to leave.

You may not expect it, but prepare to be looked after by staff who actually care, and believe it when we tell you that you’ll come back again and again, trying to discover what’s so wrong with this place that makes it so right.

Instagram – @bardupmelb

637 Chapel St, South Yarra, VIC, 3141
9827 4510

Dean Schmideg

A professional photographer and copywriter with an interest in fashion and design, Dean is best known as one of Melbourne’s foodies and coffee obsessed, as well as the co-founder of BAR/D UP, an online video directory of our city’s best bars. He shares the things he eats and drinks, plus his own creations across social media. Dean’s posts celebrate the produce, the people he meets and places he goes to, telling a story with the aim of enticing the reader and bringing people together.

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