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On a weekly basis I have one of those meetings that completely and utterly drains you. Remaining switched on conjures memories of trying desperately not to fall asleep up the back of the lecture theatre following a last minute Sunday session the previous day. All of your energy stores are empty. Your glucose is nonexistent, and the only way to fix the situation is with a serious sugar hit. Earlier this week, my saving grace came in the form of a visit to Zumbo Patisserie in South Yarra.

Zumbo rose to fame in Sydney following numerous Masterchef appearances by now celebrity chef and owner, Adriano Zumbo. The Melbourne store opened last month to an unnecessary amount of hype. We rocked up just before midday, and given that punters had queued from 5am to get their hands on a cronut or two on opening day, it was hardly surprising to see people lining up for sweet treats before lunchtime.

Upon entering, we were intrigued to find a glitzy space with a nightclub feel. Aside from some pink benches, bulbous with foam coated in plastic in an attempt to look like globs of cake batter and icing, or something similarly Wonka-esque, there are only two tables. Both are outside, and outside is not somewhere you ever want to be in Claremont Street (unless of course you have an urge to come down with a cold, ruin your hair from gale force winds or show the world your underwear when wearing a skirt).

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Sofia Levin

Culinary travel journalist Sofia Levin uses food as a medium to celebrate difference. Based in Melbourne, she has a decade of experience writing for publications such as Lonely Planet, Good Food, Nat Geo Traveller, SBS Food, delicious., Domain Review, Broadsheet, Time Out and in-flight magazines. She co-authors travel and restaurant guidebooks and has a fiercely loyal social media following that embraces her mission to #EatCuriously. In 2020 Sofia launched Seasoned Traveller, a newsletter and website that encourages people to learn more about other cultures through food. Referred to as “one of Melbourne’s most influential and creative social media personalities” by Visit Victoria, she also works closely with brands and tourism boards to create and host content campaigns.

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