When I first saw the name of the cafe, I immediately assumed that it was because Gunn was a Beatles Fan but upon more research, discovered that Gunn named his first venture after what he believes is the optimum time to grind coffee beans after roasting. So, there you go.

At the 8Days cafe, coffee beans are roasted by Five Senses then ground by the team at 8Days, eight days later (duh!). For more information on how they do this and the type of beans they use, visit the Five Senses story on 8 Days.

The Boy and I decided to head there one morning as we were being our usual indecisive self. The Boy asked me what I would like to have for breakfast, which roughly translates to “I am lazy to think, you better come up with a good option that’s not too far away”. I translate husband speak quite well >.<

Luckily for me, 8Days had been on my radar as we had been tweeting each other (don’t you just love technology) and they were the first place that I could think of to suggest. So off we went. The problem with High Street in Armadale is the lack of available parking in that area. We circled for a good 20 minutes before finding an off-street park, which was just as well as we were just about ready to give up and turn around elsewhere.

As we walked into the cafe, we noticed that the interior was quite dark. So, as a major sacrifice to you (my dear readers), I convinced The Boy that we needed to sit outside in the cold so that our pictures would turn out better. The things I do for you!

Fantastically for me, as part of the great service by the team at 8Days provided me with a fleece blanket (a whole basket to choose from actually)! So I was mostly warm whilst we lounged outside eating our brunch.

The coffees were well brewed and we enjoyed our lattes as we relaxed and chatted away outside. I was feeling quite comfortable and contented with my warm blanket.

The Boy had the Wagyu Beef Burger ($21.00) – brioche bun, gruyere cheese, smoked bacon, tomato relish & sliced pickles with fat chips, crisp baby cos, tomato & aioli, which he quite enjoyed. He loved the idea of using gruyere cheese in the burger.

All I wanted for breakfast that morning was bacon. So I ordered the Smashed Avocado & Persian fetta on 6 grain toast with Smoked Bacon & Poached Eggs ($18.00)which was mighty delicious and just what I needed on that cold and wet morning.

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1184 High St
Armadale, VIC 3143

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