Paco’s Tacos

Hoorah for date nights! Since they are a bit hard to come by, Josh and I decided to really party it up big… by going to the theatre. I know. Old age happens when you least expects it – with a young child. So to be able to fit in dinner and a show, I was tossing up between a pre-theatre menu somewhere nice or a tapas bar and by chance had a look on the MoVida website which happens to also house Paco’s Tacos

And since Mexican is, you know, in (how very 2012 of me) – I drew Josh’s attention to the MoVida Group’s new(ish) taqueria. The man I married, unfortunately, had a childish streak that even a marriage to a mature, no non-sense woman like me cannot cure. Okay, I may have encouraged this one by saying ‘Paco’s Tacos’ in my silliest Mexican accent possible but once the man got an idea into his head and especially that idea is Paco’s Tacos (say it with me in the lamest Mexican accent possible), it couldn’t be scrubbed out.

So off to Paco’s Tacos, we went straight from work on a sweltering hot day. It was a very pleasant day – being an under cover, outdoors venue, it was a perfect day. Luckily for us, it was perfect. It was hot but the cool change was just beginning to come in, hot enough to still enjoy their Pimm’s Fruit Cup but cool enough to be comfortable. What can I say? I love me cheap, fruity cocktails.

Nevermind that it was 5.45pm and the after-work drink crowd was still going in full force, we proceeded to get into the tacos (did I mention we’re old?) since we wanted to take a leisurely stroll to the State Theatre to pick up our tickers and catch the 7.30pm Warhorse.* So after I went through my drink, we started ordering tacos – two at a time.

First up were Carne Asada and Pescado – i.e. a meat taco and a fish taco. The meat was quite nice and tender and the spicy sauce (described as ‘Braised Beef, Pica de Gallo, pickled Cactus and Chipotle sauce‘ on the menu) worked well. The fish, on the other hand, were a little bit on the disappointing side. Slightly bland and underwhelming.

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