A New Day Rising Review – Brunswick

Juggling events, food reviews, yoga, being in the office, filming reality TV, editing, working remotely across the earth, and keeping insanely sane, it’s once in blue moon that we have all morning off together. Oh, the life of a young, creative, twenty-something year old living in the Brunswick bubble.

If you’re from around here you know first-hand that days off are always dedicated to a delicious and aromatic, freshly ground coffee accompanied with the beloved must of a “Melbourne Breakie”. Roaming a little off our familiar footpath, we stumbled upon this quaint corner cafe, A New Day Rising. With only a handful of seats inside and out this retro-hipster joint, we opted for the wooden crate seating outside and with a flick of the wrist our long blacks squared were ordered.

Nickel got the baked eggs and freshly baked sour dough and I pulled my usual last minute self –‘what I ought to get’ -something new, versus ‘what I’m going to always get’ -something avocado. And before we could finish our long blacks, out came his baked eggs alongside my toastie bagel, rocket, Meredith’s goats cheese with evoo and of course my avocado presented before me just the way I like it – with a squirt of lemon and a sprinkle of cracked S+P. This shiz never gets old.

The food was simple and delicious, fresh and colourful, satisfying yet somehow kept an inkling in your mind and mouth to want more. You should check out the hand-made menus and the stylish staff – both look really cool and really hipster. Oh, and the coffee is pretty damn good!

Where: 221D Blyth Street, Brunswick East 3057
Cost: $5-15 Cash Only

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