A sweet new foodie collaboration

Continuing the recent trend of foodie collabs, Melbourne City Rooftop Honey and Mörk Chocolate have announced the latest in a long line of sensational partnerships, pairing the artisan drinking chocolate with local Melbourne honey.

The Melbourne City Rooftop Honey are beekeepers with a goal to bring bees back to the urban centres of Melbourne. Since the 2007 collapse of honey bees around the world (Colony Collapse Disorder),  the Asian Bee threat and the Varroa Mite on our doorstep, the team use abandoned and unused rooftops, balconies and gardens around Melbourne to ‘re-home’ bee colonies and in turn, produce a delicious tasting honey which is unique to each site.

The first release in the collaboration is a chilled chocolate and honey concoction, served on the rocks, perfect for the warm summer days ahead. The initial release sees 70% pure dark chocolate combined with local honey from Alphington.

The Alphington bees produce a floral and buttery honey, marrying beautifully with the Venezuelan cacao in Mörk Chocolate. Throughout summer the team will be rotating in other beehive locations for unique and limited batches.

Head to Finders Keepers Market on Friday October 17 to be among the first to sample the drink. Otherwise, head to rooftophoney.com.au or morkchocolate.com.au and from selected retailers around Melbourne.


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