Better With Brita – Ultimate Cooking Experience with Gary Mehigan

As if fans could love Gary Mehigan any more than they already do, this claim to fame restaurateur and Master Chef judge has paired up with BRITA with their new Better With Brita campaign and Home Cooking Series to give fans the ultimate once in a lifetime cooking experience!

Through this campaign, the secret ingredient behind Gary’s several recipes is simple: filtered water. Gary’s focus on creating delicious, fresh, and memorable recipes are highlighted by the benefits of cooking with filtered water that goes far beyond the purpose of just hydration.

As part of this campaign, fans who purchased a BRITA product were directed to go online to to enter their details and vote on their favourite recipe. They were then entered into a draw to several instant wins of BODUM cooking packs, along with the ultimate prize of a money can’t buy cooking experience with the legend himself.

And on Saturday, December 13th, there was something special stirring around the Prahan market. 12 Competition winners along with media, bloggers, a fellow foodie and myself, were escorted by Gary himself on a culinary adventure. From the fish munger, to the potato enthusiast, to the free-range egg expert, we danced around the market all afternoon, listening to each food connoisseur as they educated us on the good word of their particular expertise. Listening ever so attentively, eyes wide open, grin from ear to ear (and nearly salivating), Gary and experts had a way with words, a passion for food that beautifully beamed from within –I was in heaven.

With my continuous free fall onto Cloud 9, we were then brought to The Essential Ingredient cooking school for a personal cooking lesson with Gary, where we were set on a mission of not only cooking, but also indulging in our delicious three-course creations with filtered water being the key ingredient in the recipes.

Smoked & Grilled Quail with Pickled Mushrooms, Parsnip Crunch
Roasted Salmon with Peas, New Season Asparagus & Cauliflower Skordalia
Bitter Chocolate Mousse with Cherry & Orange Caramel
Split into three teams for each course, I couldn’t help but dance around each group learning different cooking techniques, food tips, and sneakily taste testing what ever I could get my hands on. With champagne flowing throughout the evening, perfect pairings of Pinot Gris and Shiraz matched well with the game and salmon courses. And as full as I was, we all know that there is always room for dessert.
After a delicious dinner, photo-op, and cookbook signing, everyone went home with a BODUM cooking pack, The Essential Ingredient apron – the happiest hearts and fullest of full tummies. Of the gift bags, my favourite prize of the evening was Gary’s cook book, personally signed off with words that every foodie should live by:
Food is…… the centre of everything!!
Always eat to enjoy!

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