Brew Review – Bath Ales Brewing Bath Bounders Cider

This week’s review focuses on an English cider from the Bath region of England. Cider, in my humble opinion, is one of those drinks that you either love or hate. I fit within the love category. Now please, please don’t think that the likes of Strongbow constitute real cider.

Bath Ales Brewing is a multi-focused brewer that brew everything from a Pale Ale to a Stout to a Cider. They are a small batch brewer based in Bath and for a brewer that is only 15 years old, have taken their region by storm.

I’ve had the pleasure of sampling cider from most parts of the world and the English have certainly lived up to their reputation as cider makers with the Bath Bounders cider. The colour is as you would expect from an English cider, strong golden straw that has a mild hint of cloudiness. I found the cider medium-dry, but not too bitter and not too sweet. The cider would work well with roast pork or a simple cheese plate with soft rind cheese.

I really enjoyed this cider. I am a fan of English ciders as they are typically very focused on the quality of the fruit and the brewing process. It’s idea for Australian spring and summer.

Bath Bounders Cider Stats

Score: 7/10

ABV: 6%

Standard Drinks: 1.577

Style: Cider

Serving Temperature: 4 degrees

Country: England (Bath)

Price: $69.30 for 6 500ml bottle

Buy it here: Bath Bounders Cider (500ml)

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