Bottomless coffee and queue jumping = Heaven

You know the feeling. You’re standing in line to order your coffee (nothing too complex, you’re not that guy, you’re just a straight-up long black legend). You’re ready to Paypass or pay cash. You’re even dealing with the queue. Just. And then some dill just in front of you presents to the cashier with no idea of what they want to order (um yeah, hi, you’ve been standing in the queue doing what exactly?), no payment method at the ready and they’re KEEPING YOU FROM COFFEE.

You should be allowed to maim. But laws. Eyeroll. But there has to be a solution to queue-rage and, well, people. Thanks to the champs at Industry Beans, there is now.

Industry Beans now has an app (cue applause) for iOS and Android devices that allows you to 1. pre-order coffee, 2. pay in-store and 3. earn 10 points for every dollar spent (at 500 points you get $5 credit). It took us a while to get the verification code, but bear with, it’ll come.

So head on down to their Little Collins Street store wearing your darkest sunglasses and your imaginary impenetrable shield to repel fools, swan in and collect your coffee, snare those points, leave, and enjoy. Because your coffee routine should be flawless, not diddled by dills who can’t order and be organised.

While on the topic of coffee and Industry Beans, if you’re really fanging for coffee – like all the coffee – head on down to Laneway Greens’ Flinders Lane or Swan Street stores and from 8am – 10am every day of the week you can have UNLIMITED COFFEE for just $4. It’s not espresso, though. At the moment it’s filtered coffee, either Kenyan (sweeter flavoured) or the more traditional flavoured Tanzanian; both single origin. How do we know? We checked it out, didn’t we? Because research. Imagine how you’ll deal with the dills when you’re that wired from caffeine. Good morning.

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