The GRAM Guide: Cheese

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This month, GRAM Magazine celebrated all things cheese, bringing you the GRAM Guide to cheese.

Below is a list of all the cheesemakers featured in the piece, with a reminder of which cheese you need to try from each!


Berry Creek Cheese
Must try: Tarwin Blue and Rowefords Blue

Boatshed Cheese
Must try: Mountain Goat

Farmgate Cheeses
Must try: Truffle Pecorino

Floridia Cheese
Must try:

Heidi Farm
Must try: Raclette

Holy Goat Cheese
Must try:  La Luna

Jindi Cheese
Must try: Old Telegraph Road Heritage Blue and Jindi Reserve Washed Rind

Main Ridge Dairy
Must try: Halloumi

Meredith Diary
Must try: Chevre Ash and Goat in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Milawa Cheese Company
Must try: Milawa White and Brie

Must try: Ricotta

Prom Country Cheeses
Must try: Prom Picnic Sheep Pecorino

Red Hill Cheese
Must try: Mountain Goat Blue

Shaw River
Must try: Buffalo Mozzarella

That’s Amore Cheese
Must try: Fior Di Latte

Yarra Valley Dairy
Must try: YeringAshed Pyramid, Vintage Savourine and Bulls Eye



Paesanella Cheese
Must try: Smoked Fiore Di Latte

Pecora Dairy
Must try: Bloomy White

Small Cow Cheese
Must try: Redella



Must try: Swiss Appenzell Mature



Alexandrina Cheese Company
Must try: Vintage Cheddar

La Vera
Must try: Parmesan

Woodside Cheeses
Must try: Duet and Figaro



Bruny Island Cheese Co.
Must try: Saint1792 and Oen

Grandvewe Cheese
Must try: Cannonball

King Island Dairy Seal Bay
Must try: Triple Cream Brie

Pyengana Dairy Company
Must try: Cheddar

Will Studd
Must try: Le Conquerant Camembert and Le Conquerant Demi Pont L’eveque


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