Community Roasters – Mamma’s Honey Blend

Everyone is looking for that little extra something in their lives. One day while walking down Balmain St Richmond, I turned the corner into Church Street and found mine. Opened just over a year ago by Morris Nervo, Little Somethin Somethin is one man’s big jump into the world of hospitality. The first time I visited he sat and told me about his past life as a landscaper, but what I later discovered was that when the weather wasn’t conducive to running an outdoor landscaping business he moonlighted as a barista to indulge his love of coffee. This cafe is the product of someone taking their passion and hobby and turning it into a fully fledged business. Based on what he did previously, Morris is a guy who isn’t scared of hard work and knows how to deal with situations that may not be perfect but where the client still expects perfection.

Enter Daniel Schwef from Community Roasters with over 20 years in the industry and with the same values system and aim of giving his clients and their customers exactly what they want. The cafes deal directly with him and the roasters. They get taught about speciality coffee and what needs to be done with it to achieve the best results so the customer receives the intended experience. The beans are delivered not by drivers but by skilled baristas, that way output can be monitored and any issues the cafes may have with the coffee can be dealt with instantly. It also means consistency can be maintained with every cup going out as good as the last.

This was my very experience with their Mamma’s Honey blend the three times I sampled it at Little Somethin Somethin, each one made by a different barista. Named because it is sweet, soft and embracing with notes of dried apricot, strawberries and honey, Morris and his team pull each shot as a double ristretto, bringing out the sweetness and punch and to balance out the fruitness. As with any specialty coffee Daniel adjusts the beans and origins of this blend seasonally to maintain the same flavour profile, ensuring that Morris’ loyal customers keep comin’ back to Mamma for that little somethin’ somethin’.

If you want a taste of Mamma’s Honey, you’ll find some at:

Little Somethin Somethin: 561 – 563 Church St, Richmond

Cote Terra: 17 Station St, Oakleigh

Chapter Too: 3/110 Canterbury Rd, Heathmont

Rumour Mill: 22 McAdam Sq, Croydon

Jiminy’s Kitchen: 260 Como Pde West, Parkdale

Verb Cafe: 336 Racecourse Rd, Flemington

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