Tom Thumb

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From those trendy fellas who brought us Clement Coffee and Duchess of Spotswood, this ‘hole-in-the-wall’ espresso joint has got it all going on.

The boys are experts in creating the upmost trendy places serving fine coffee and delivering a joyous experience. The menu at Tom Thumb includes classic breakfasts, fresh sandwiches for lunch, and delicious sweets.

Great coffee from Clement Coffee is served featuring their PONY blend and a single origin. The first sip is a pleasant reminder of how coffee should taste; delicate, smooth and delicious. The rest is just bliss.

The ‘hole-in-the-wall’ expands to a cosy upstairs area which became my office for a couple of hours. A perfect thinking spot for me, a perfect making-out spot for the couple behind me and an intimate catch up spot for the old ladies on the other table.

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