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On Sunday, Pierogi Pierogi, a Melbourne purveyor of pierogi and all that is Polish, hit Ferdydurke for their “I Left My Heart in Europe” party. Coincidence has it that when I laid eyes on the poster promoting this party, I had recently unsuccessfully scoured the frozen section of my neighborhood IGA for pierogi. I recognised fate and vowed not to miss my chance for Eastern European dumpling goodness at Ferdy’s.

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To Stay Or To Go?

A New Yorker transplanted in Melbourne, I’m obsessed with travel, good food, and most recently, Tim Tams. If I’m not working I’m probably eating, and if I am working I’m probably thinking about eating. Or searching desperately for Come Dine with Me episodes on YouTube. Or trying to kidnap the neighbours’ cats. I document my foods and feelings on ‘To Stay or to Go?’.

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