Look closely at this label. Amongst the delicate sketches of snakes, animal skulls, snails, funghi and leaf matter, there lies the unmistakable form of the Michelin Man… Why on earth is the Michelin Man present on a wine made in the Heathcote region, you ask? Adam Foster, is your answer.

Adam Foster was a chef in a former life. Coming from a background of high-end food, there is no question as to how his path crossed with the Michelin Man. Today, Foster has carved a formidable path in the wine world under his labels Foster E Rocco and Syrahmi and is all about creating his own garden of earthly delights. He moved with fiancé Pip a couple of years ago to the central Victorian town of Tooboorac to start the country dream and aims to set up his own vineyard on the property amongst the stunning granite landscape.

This Riesling is not yet from estate-grown fruit, but hails from a 19-year old vineyard belonging to his nearby friends of the Shelmerdine family. The warmer climate of Heathcote has created a full fleshed and rounded style of Riesling, with all the curves of the Michelin Man form. You will be tantalised by flavours of musk and candied banana cuddled by a mellow and gentle acidity and a dry finish. Foster would probably have a fancy meal in mind to accompany this with, but we found it a delightful accompaniment to fresh bruschetta on a warm summers day.

Stockists: Banks Fine Wine in Macedon or ask at your local independent wine store.

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