Inner City Winemaking: Urban Winery Project takes over Gather & Tailor

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If you thought making wine was reserved for the rural and regional areas of the world, think again. Winemakers Vinteloper and culinary tailors Pot & Pan have brought regional winemaking and feasting to our inner city doors with the Urban Winery Project.

Founded by Vinteloper in 2012, the Urban Winery Project is a crash course in wine, allowing guests to take part in traditional winemaking – including stomping grapes with your bare feet.

The Project is all about inspiring passion for winemaking by seeing and touching wine in a hands-on experience.

For the 2016 Project, Founder/Winemaker, David Bowley partnered with Pot & Pan Culinary Tailoring owners Sam and Celeste Gant to elevate the winemaking experience with feasts hosted at Gather and Tailor, Pot & Pan’s beautiful event space.

To complement Vinteloper’s wine aspect of the project, Pot & Pan joined forces with a different chef each week – Frank Camorra (Movida), Ryan Flaherty (Mr Jennings), Peter Gunn (Ides, Attica) and butcher/American barbecue extraordinaire, Scott Gould.

We had the pleasure of attending the last event in the series, where Scott Gould and Sam and Celeste Gant co-hosted a “Smoke and Vine” dinner, which familiarised diners with the delicate nuances involved in food and wine production. Guests learned about the art of smoking and the difference between grass-fed, grain-fed and wagyu meat.

The wine offered on the night highlighted the difference in wines of the same grape variety growing in different regions.

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