Summertime Sunshine Cocktail

With the gorgeous summer sunshine and heat upon us, and the beach just a stones throw away, nothing beats a sun-filled Friday afternoon in Melbourne. If you’re looking for something different to do, why not have a fun and creative cocktail creating class! My fellow foodie friend Zac and I were set on a mission: create, make, decorate and drink something radiant and refreshing to combat this summer heat. We wanted something that not only looked beautiful, but tasted beautiful. So without further adieu ladies and gentlemen…
Summertime Sunshine Cocktail
Two big swigs of Elephant Gin 
Splash of Winerose and Lavender Bitters by Bitters Sweet Symphony
Blend 2 plums with crushed ice
Sparkling h20
A good squeeze of fresh orange, lemon and lime
Garnish with citrus and chamomile
The drinks were refreshing, crisp, ice cold and revitalising. The beach plums are soaked in the Elephant Gin, which has camomile as a botanical, so little hints come through to create the perfect palate pleaser. But put simply, they were damn good!
_______________________________________________ – Elephant Gin & Bitters Sweer Symphony
Instagram: DrinkLuxe & Zaccharybird
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