Little Chloe Cafe

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The burbs, they are getting better. No longer is it unusual for a new café opening to be in the heartland of tree lined streets, school mums and family cars, and for that cafe to be worth a visit. One such café is Little Chloe in Malvern East. It takes its coffee seriously; roasting its own beans, a La Marzocco Strada on the bench and five or so alternative brew methods for the coffee nerds. Every coffee I have had has been beautifully extracted usually with a chocolate finish…

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Second Helping

I believe the only way to be truly happy in life is to identify what you are really passionate about and do something about it. For me it was easy. I am passionate about food and all that goes with it. My blog is an outlet through which I share my passion. The name, Second Helping, embodies both my hunger for food itself, and for more knowledge and experience. If you haven’t yet worked out what your passion is, it’s that thing you want more of.