South Press Wine House

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There are so many beer halls and cocktail bars in Melbourne–but what about places that cater to all the wine lovers out there? Over the past few years, bottle shops that also operate as bars have become very popular, giving patrons the ability to try before they buy.

When South Press opened, it wasn’t just good wine they wanted to serve and sell, but also top notch food options. Opening at 11:00am until late seven days a week, means winers and diners can visit to enjoy stunning shared plates for lunch or dinner. None of this ‘bar snacks’ nonsense.

From terrines to rillettes and beautiful Hopkins River Beef, you’ll still get the requisite cheese and charcuterie boards here–and they are pretty damn special too.

For those of you who just can’t go to a bar unless there’s beer or spirits, you’ll find a nice tight selection to choose from, as well as ready made cocktails prepared by the masters at The Everleigh Bottling Co. All drinks are served either in the cozy confines of the venue, or you can sit out in the pretty courtyard where time just seems to stand still–especially after a relaxing few glasses of wine!

Toorak Road needed this place and ever since it opened in 2015, it’s become a favourite little spot for the locals. That being said, everyone is welcome here, so go Southside, go South Yarra, go South Press!

27 Toorak Road
South Yarra 3141
Ph: 9866 4635

Dean Schmideg

A professional photographer and copywriter with an interest in fashion and design, Dean is best known as one of Melbourne’s foodies and coffee obsessed, as well as the co-founder of BAR/D UP, an online video directory of our city’s best bars. He shares the things he eats and drinks, plus his own creations across social media. Dean’s posts celebrate the produce, the people he meets and places he goes to, telling a story with the aim of enticing the reader and bringing people together.

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