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“Where East meets eat. Wood-fired pizzas and home style Middle Eastern food by two Beirut boys and their mum.”

Mankoushe’s wood-fire bakery and restaurant couldn’t stand to be apart no more and they have been united as one. After some hard work (hard, like building a wood-fire oven by hand hard…) the two Mankoushes have become one. The wood-fire bakery, which was next door, is now part of the restaurant.

Run by brothers Hady (bakery) and Jad (restaurant), we are expecting the move to increase the number of fights in the kitchen; but also the number of dance offs. So it evens out. Lucy (manager) will arbitrate all.

Thankfully not a lot has changed and things just keep getting better. You can still get our wood-fired Middle Eastern pizza straight out of the oven: take it away or dine in. Breakfast on the weekend, parties and functions can be catered and there are monthly feasts where you get to try over fifteen different Middle Eastern dishes. You can also get our pickles and dips to take home with you.

The Boys (and Mum) are still making the food that they grew up with in Lebanon as well as their mama’s recipes that have travelled from Iran and Iraq to Lebanon. Being DIY kinda people, they like to make everything ourselves, from the garlic sauce to the sojok (sausage) and the labneh. It’s not hard to tell that the team love Brunswick and support the community by shopping local. Mankoushe are a family run business that’s passionate about sharing every aspect of Middle Eastern culture from falafel to Fairuz and the food at Mankoushe is informed by the Middle East’s rich tapestry of travellers and traders, Bedouins and bazaars.

Photography by Phoebe Powell of Phoebe Powell Photography

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