Punch Lane: Only Getting Better With Age

Cherished Melbourne laneway gem, Punch Lane, yesterday celebrated its 20th birthday. Thanks to a recent facelift, and an updated menu offering, this local Melbourne icon, has never looked better.

Owner Martin Pirc, who literally laid the foundations for Punch Lane’s success when he personally installed the restaurant’s floorboards 20 years ago, said the recent menu update and refurbishment by Rabindra Naidoo Design is part of a natural journey for the venue.

“Being a small restaurant, we are able to focus on our personalised approach, which is tactile and poignant, as we don’t need to play the numbers game,” Mr Pirc said.

“So, we’re putting some focus back into the wine bar offering, so that customers feel comfortable dropping in at any time of day, whether that be for a full meal, or a glass of red and some charcuterie and cheese, or even just a beer and a chat.”

Punch Lane’s traditional Mediterranean cuisine has simply been reimagined and immersed into the restaurant’s new focus on wine food. With Chef Daniel Schelbert developing exciting new dishes such as a Prawn bon bon with chilli salt and lime and Western Plains pork loin, white bean puree and agrodolce cipollini onions.”

The venue’s recent renovation, which includes the installation of a custom, hand operated meat sliver, a new purpose built cured meat fridge a marble wet bar with sparkling water on tap, only adds substance and depth to this local Melbourne icon.

A shining example of longevity in Melbourne’s fast paced, often transient, food and wine scene, Punch Lane is a friend to Melbourne foodists; a friend who nourishes in every way.

Happy Birthday Punch Lane

43 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne

Phone: 03 9639 4944


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Mon to Fri – 12pm to midnight

Sat and Sun – 5pm to midnight

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