Milkcow Soft Serve Pops Up

Chill out fro-yo and gelato. Milkcow has landed, and it’s shaking up the ice cream scene in Melbourne.

The two-month pop-up will be soft-serving up it’s signature organic ice cream  at The Strand in Melbourne, from April 1st to May 31st.

This is the very first Milkcow store in Australia, with 60 worldwide stores. The pop-up will test the market, and see if everyone ends up ice-screaming for more.

But will Milkcow rank among some of Melbourne’s best ice cream? It’s got some pretty tough contenders, so why is it worth a visit? Milkcow uses locally sourced, organic milk, and all soft serve is churned on site, daily! With toppings such as fresh honeycomb, cloud-esque (and definitely insta-worthy) fairy floss, and pistachio crumble, we’re definitely keen to try the newest Dairy Daisy.

Pop down (or up) to Milkcow in The Strand if you’ve got room after your meal out in town, and you’ll also get the extra pleasure of treats from Naked Truth Chcoolates and Sensory lab while you’re there.

  • GRAM disclaimer, there is ALWAYS room for dessert.


1 Driver Lane, Melbourne


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