Moveable Feasts

Southgate’s winter festival, Movable Feasts continues right throughout the coming month of July. With Southgate having launched three brand new venues  in the last couple of months (Amarok Bar & RestaurantArtusi and Hophaus), Moveable Feasts is a good excuse to brave the cold and experience the melting pot of flavours that our city has to offer.

Moveable Feasts guests will be led through a unique dining experience as they wander from restaurant to restaurant, sampling unique world-class cuisines from Japanese, Italian and German to native North American and of course Australian, more specifically the pristine produce from our own Tasmania.

With a host guiding the journey to each establishment, discoveries will be made along the way uncovering the stories behind Melbourne’s eclectic world of riverside eateries.

Southgate Moveable Feasts is the reincarnation of Southgate’s popular Progressive Dinners, which have been a feature of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival in recent years.

The events are being held each Sunday and Monday night from 12 noon Sundays and 7.00pm Mondays. A full copy of the program can be viewed here: Moveable Feasts Program

There is a choice between both two three course dining options for $60pp or $85pp. Entrée and main courses each include a glass of wine and dessert is served with tea or coffee.

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