Raw Trader

Having a subscription to Gwyneth Paltrow’s goop, and having read about various raw food fads taking the world by storm, I’ve never really delved wholeheartedly into this particular health food craze. Yes we have a fortnightly organic fruit and veg delivery service, and yes I like to eat fruit all the time and raw salads every now and again…but I really do love cooking with my awesome electrical appliances and I love eating everything, completely unrestricted. And heck…I like my food hot most of the time – thank you very much!

But I really do have to take my hat off to the owner, creator and chef of Raw Trader – Emily Samyne. With a background in food technology, Samyne has managed to create a menu consisting of organic food that is not only vegan but gluten free, dairy free, sugar free and paleo. She’s even managed to make them taste really good. Everything is made on the premises and is packed full of superfoods such as inca berries, raw cacao, chia, acai, goji berries and maca. There are coffees, juices, smoothies, chocolates, cakes, slices, tarts, protein balls, and even ice creams and sorbets to choose from. It’s a safe place to take people with food intolerances.

The fit-out by design team Studio Y is clean and modern, yet remains true to Raw Trader’s name – exuding a natural and organic feel with the recycled wooden wall panelling and lacquered concrete flooring.

First I tried the energiser smoothie – a delicious mix of almond milk, banana, chia and maca. It was quite delicious. Not too sweet but lovely and creamy. Our seven-month-old is addicted to the complexion smoothie, made up of coconut water, apple, mango, maca, blackberries. And yes, she does have skin as soft a baby’s!

We also sampled the chocolate and raspberry slice and the carrot cake. The slice was a bit grainy in the middle section but lovely and creamy on top. You could taste the tartness from the raspberries and it wasn’t at all overwhelmingly sweet. Such an interesting dessert.

The carrot cake had a lot of texture as well but wasn’t as sweet as most carrot cakes. I think the texture and the fact that it wasn’t too sweet allowed us to actually taste every single ingredient. It was lovely.

We finished with the strawberry chia pudding. This was probably the least sweet and most sour of them all. But I loved the texture of the chia seeds and it’s definitely inspired me to attempt to make chia pudding sometime soon.

Overall, Raw Trader is a great place in that it cares to cater for people with food intolerances – which are real. For the rest of us fortunate ones that can still eat anything, it’s worthwhile keeping in mind that superfoods are beneficial for everyone.

Raw Trader

Cuisine: Coffee, Desserts/Ice Cream, Organic
Address: 10 Sutherland Street, Melbourne
Hours: Mon – Sun 7am – 4pm






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