Recipe: Mork’s hot cross chocolate

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Mörk Chocolate’s Josefin Zennell and her team have created a delicious Easter hot chocolate exclusively for Gram readers.

This is an Easter-inspired after dinner hot chocolate that uses hot cross bun spices, caramel, orange zest, and a dash of port wine to intensify the fruit and indulgence factor.

Please note: The port wine is optional, but if you want to re-create that fruity flavour without the alcohol, you can substitute the port wine for vino cotto instead.

Serves 4


For the spiced caramel:

75g caster sugar
75g water
30g unsalted butter cut into in cubes
75g cream
zest of half an orange
1½ tsp cinnamon
1¼ tsp nutmeg
¾ tsp ginger
½ tsp salt

For the hot cross chocolate:
100g Mörk Chocolate
0.8L milk
100g spiced caramel
15ml port wine per serve (optional)

1. To make the caramel, add sugar and water to a small pot and caramelise over a medium heat until the colour turns amber. Take it off the heat and add the butter; whisk quickly until combined. Add the cream and whisk again until smooth. Now whisk in the spices and salt. Set aside.

2. Make the hot chocolate by adding Mörk Chocolate to milk in a small pot. Whisk while heating over a medium heat until just hot. Add 100 grams of the caramel, whisk and serve straight away in cups.

Optional: add a dash of port wine to each of the cups before serve.

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