Rue & Co.

It was a cold Melbourne morning when we both decided to check out Melbourne’s newest place to be, Rue & Co. Tucked away from sight at 80 Collins Street, the outdoor pop-up venue opens up to beautifully laid astroturf and a clear line of sight across to the Church of Secular Coffee (St Ali), Jimmy Grants (George Columbaris) and Kong (Chris Lucas, who brought us Chin Chin).

The venue is well decked out with minimal black-painted furniture. A combination of low seated stools and bar chairs (under cover and open air) creates a relaxed and casual atmosphere. There is ample heating to keep punters warm which we thought was quite considerate, given the cold Melbourne days ahead.

Both of us arrived at the early hour of 7:30am, just before the crowds started moving in. Miss SL ordered a double espresso and a slice of toast – Tivoli Bread with Pepe Saya ricotta and jam ($2.50). Her espresso was gentle with mild acidic tones, but the flavour profile was hard to decipher.

Miss SL’s toast was served within a couple of minutes of ordering and it was a single slice of heaven. The dough was beautifully moist and dense inside and the ricotta and jam was a beautiful combination. Whilst the ricotta looked lumpy, the texture was smooth and creamy once consumed. Gorgeous!

LB’s Breakfast Burger, rightly labelled The Daddy – Breakfast Bun with Cumberland sausage, English-style bacon, fried egg and homemade brown sauce ($10) was a meat lovers delight. The three components, as expected, worked extremely well. The egg was fried to perfection and burst with yolk on the first mouthful. The bun had the right soft-to-firm ratio, and the sauce was chunky; seamlessly adding hints of subtle sweetness to the meat textures.

Mr LB also had a long black that had a crisp and balanced flavour to complement his breakfast – Tuesday mornings had never looked better!

St Ali’s Church of Secular Coffee has made the quick breakfast run enjoyable and tasty. Whether it’s to try the various combinations of their artisanal toasts or to indulge in their selection of baked goods with a St Ali coffee, mornings before work will not be drag.

Final Thought: “A coffee and toast pick-up ritual that is not to be missed”

Rue & Co will be trading at 80 Collins Street site until the commencement of the QIC Global Real Estate Initiative, a 39 storey tower that is anticipated to start building in the next six to nine months.

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RUE & Co.
CUISINE: Japanese, Korean (Kong), Greek (Jimmy Grants), Cafe Fare and Coffee (St. Ali)
ADDRESS: 80 Collins Street, Melbourne
HOURS: From 7am seven days a week

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