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The boys from Phat Brats are back. Not that they really went anywhere. In the eight months since they’ve been open, Fitzroy’s favourite hotdog shop has made appearances all over town, from music festivals and exclusive launches to special events and the People’s Market. But if you thought they were going to stop at sausages, think again.

The Brat Pack opened Shawcross Pizza next door to Phat Brats just a few days before Christmas, alongside their new partner and front-of-house man Iza Dawkins (gentlemen, lock up your daughters. You have been warned). In less than five weeks, the Shawcross crew transformed a dirty old kebab joint into a New York-style pizza place. The name is a nod to the building’s heritage, which dates back to 1900. During the day, the word ‘Shawcross’ is easily seen embossed into the side of the building.

Phat Brat’s notorious vegetarian co-owner, Matt John, is the brains behind the design, courtesy of his studio (The Anatomy) and a recent overseas jaunt to the USA. Matt collaborated with Fixology to custom-make the furniture – including the handsome timber and steel front counter – and TJ Sign Art & Pinstriping to hand-paint the brickwork.

Phat Brat’s other half, Executive Chef Damian Thompson, put together the menu. Damian snagged pizza master Alessio Albano (who’s kneaded dough in Melbourne’s best pizza kitchens, including D.O.C , 400 Gradi, Fire Chief and +39) to show him how to perfect that all-important crust. There are 12 inch whole pizzas, as well as giant $5 slices cooked in custom-made 22 inch pans. Evidently, size matters at Shawcross. If you’re a carb hater, there are half a dozen “kick-ass salads”, although you’d be crazy to miss out on the nachos. Whatever, haters gonna hate.

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324 Brunswick St
Fitzroy, VIC 3065

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