Wine Review: Quealy – Amphora Friulano

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For those that are curious about the now very fashionable skin contact white wines but are a little tentative to dip their toe into the pond, Quealy’s Amphora Friulano is a nice gateway drop.

An Italian varietal, the Quealy family were the first to plant the friulano grape in Australia in 2004, demonstrating their well-documented pioneering spirit reflected in the rest of their dynamic and creative offering. The variety has been overlooked by many in the industry, as the variety suits skin contact vinification, which is a fairly new winemaking technique in Australia.

In the case of the Friulano, the grapes are steeped on skins for eight hours before they are transferred into beautiful 4×800 litre terracotta amphora. Slow, oxidative maturation results in a luxurious texture to this wine, with a floral aroma that sits alongside the scent of fresh almonds. The flavours are citrusy and surprisingly soft on the palate given the hue of the wine suggests a stronger flavour.

All is not what it seems with Quealy wines – in fact, you’ll find they’re more brilliant than you could have imagined. The Amphora Friulano is no exception.

Quealy – Amphora Friulano
RRP: $25


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