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Like most Korean restaurants in Melbourne, Wooga specialises in Korean BBQ so you select your raw meat from the menu and watch it cook in front of you. At Wooga, several combos are available and we chose Combo D ($119), the largest combo of them all. In addition to various cuts of beef (rib, topside, Scotch fillet and tongue, yo!), we also got two seafood dishes, a pork dish, a soup and four portions of rice (which was more than enough given all the protein we were getting).

We were given spicy pepper sauce and garlic oil to dip our meat in. They were great but they meat was so flavoursome that we probably would have been fine without the sauces.

‘Slaw was provided but for some reason, it mostly remained untouched. It wasn’t because it was awful (in actual fact, it was fine) but because my cousins love their meat so much.

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