Half Moon

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Half Moon has changed a few times over the years but has always kept it’s name. It seemed to be empty for a very long time but this prime position in Brighton is now very much a hot favourite with the locals and rain or shine seems to be overflowing with happy punters.

From the front it looks like a reasonable size space with a bar and covered garden-esque area but when you pop inside you find the place just goes on and on with a good sized restaurant and functions areas!! I really love the private dining room too a little glam space for a select group to enjoy!

The Bar Menu ‘Hands Best Friend’ is a mouthwatering list of small bites like pork pies, calamari, skewers, scotch egg along with ‘Pub Classics’ – the burger, fish and chips and parma – similar staples to the offering in the dining area.

We arrive with our Dimmi booking online all sorted but no record of our booking in the system which is a bit worrying but the guys are lovely and fortunately a no – show means we get a table quickly set up for us and a soon sat on the comfy seats with water and wine and menus…. tick, tick, tick!!

The restaurant menu is big and packed full of great favourites with a bit of an update or twist. Along with the Pub Classics there are oysters, terrine, souffle, tagine and much more. But you are paying a premium for that extra twist with fish and chips at $25, Parma at $26 and the burger at $24. If you are looking for a $15 parma this might not be the place!

But I have no problem paying $28 for a Fish Pie if it is the best fish pie ever!

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